The Meridian Healthcare Concept Promotes Preventative Healthcare - Our Philosophy Is 'Well in Time' 
Meridian Healthcare support the theory that prevention is better than cure.  Health isn't about 'Just in time' medicine, indeed medicine for the purpose of cure could be considered as an 'after time' intervention.
Meridian Healthcare also relieves and treats ailments, conditions and illnesses which have already manifested in the body and / or mind and in doing so, work with our patients to find the best treatment to address the cause of the symptoms; prevention of symptoms is also a consideration.
It is recognised that Meridian Healthcare exists because people need help and support to deal with and manage their health.  There is also the belief that it is the responsibility of Meridian Healthcare, to ensure the well-being of all patients who attend for treatments.  As such, we strive to ensure that clients who visit Meridian Healthcare centres receive a high level of service and friendly personal attention.

Everyone who is treated by our dedicated practitioners can expect to receive beneficial holistic advice, education and treatment; the purpose of this is to help our patients to make holistic choices regarding their own health and wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family.

Practitioners at Meridian Healthcare will always disseminate holistic client led advice.

Patients assessments should be broad in depth, holistic and affordable. 

Meridian Healthcare pledges to evolve treatments based on the best understanding of past and present practices and philosophies.

At Meridian Healthcare our practitioners are chosen for their experience, their dedication to their patients and their desire to live by the Meridian Healthcare philosophy.