Meridian Team

Miriam Vinagre - Body massage/ Qigong-Shibashi instructor/ Receptionist
Peter Allison - Osteopathy
Kate Jones - Osteopathy/Sports Massage
Greg Wessels - Homeopathy
Richard Nicholls - Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy
Emanuela Moreale - Pilates fitness
Andrew Haywood - Chiropody
Meg Teasdale - Chiropody
Kristine Shaw - Yoga



Greg Wessels

Greg qualified in South Africa in 1974 and gained his post-graduate experience in South Africa, Germany and the USA. 

While in private practice in South Africa he also lectured to students of homeopathy at two South African tertiary institutions. 

His thirty-five years of practise and clinical experience have given him expertise in the use of homeopathy, and the related modalities of homotoxicology and bio-cybernetic medicine.

A consultation usually lasts 60 minutes, the fee for which is £40. 

Therapy and medicine is extra and concessions are available.

Read more about Homeopathy here.