Don't let your imagination run away with you

Nov 10, 2014

I came across some interesting statistics the other day.
In the UK there are around 700 murders per year but around 6000 suicides.

Based on that if ever you are feeling vulnerable when you are out it is true to say that the people around you are almost 10 times more likely to be thinking about doing harm to themselves than to you.

That doesn't sound like a good reason to be feeling vulnerable.

What we get confused with sometimes is the difference between the way we feel and the way things are.

A boss might shout at you and make you FEEL small or stupid, but that doesn't mean that you are, it's just the way you feel.

Once you can recognise the difference between what your imagination creates and the reality of the world around you it's a lot easier to put things into perspective.

So if ever you find yourself saying something negative to yourself, it's worth looking for evidence as to whether it's true or is it just a feeling inside of you.

Because our feelings are a lot easier to control than the external world around us.

The mistake that a lot of people (particularly men) make though is hiding all those negative feelings and pretending that they aren't there.

"Brushing them under the carpet" a lot of clients describe it as, the problem is there's only so much room under the carpet to hide things before it makes a lump that we can't ignore. Before long that lump becomes to big to even get around and influences everything we do.

Do you know of someone with a lump under their carpet?
If so you know where to send them!

Richard Nicholls