Before there were any forms of Counselling and Psychotherapy there was Hypnotherapy, it can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Egypt and has long since been a source of both interest and skepticism.
Once the misconceptions of Hypnosis are out of the way nobody can miss the obvious advantages to using Hypnosis with Psychotherapy.

On it's own Hypnosis does very little other than slow the circulation, the brain and other organs down temporarily. Not to the point where you would fall asleep or become unconscious and it is important to mention that Hypnosis CAN NOT make anyone do anything that they do not want to do!

The effects of Hypnosis can be quite pleasant, and you will always remain in control but on it's own it is not likely to create much change, modern Hypnotherapy is a mixture of many disciplines, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Analytical Therapy and Person Centred Counselling are the three most common forms of Therapy used within Hypnotherapy. 
Although it is also useful to employ theories and techniques from Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis sometimes.

The basis of Therapy at Meridian is that "One size does not fit all", what one client needs is likely to be completely different to the next and the treatment plans are designed accordingly.

During your first consultation a history is taken, your issue is discussed and your therapist will give you an indication as to what sort of treatments you are likely to need. If there is time you will be taught a little about Hypnosis, how to induce it in yourself and your therapist will guide you through Hypnosis so that you can have a better understanding of what it is, as well as what it isn't.

It is always difficult to guess how many sessions clients will need as everyone has different issues and responds in their own way, but on average clients will have 4 or 5 sessions for basic habit work such as weight control or confidence boosting, and maybe a few extra sessions with more serious emotional issues such as severe anxiety.

Some issues are treatable in less and some need more, Smoking Cessation is typically just one extra long session and Irritable Bowel Syndrome can sometimes need 10 or 12 sessions to have a resolution, but it is important to recognise that all treatments are personal and once resolved are usually resolved for life.
Hypnotherapy is offered by Richard.