Counselling and Psychotherapy
The word Psychotherapy comes from the ancient Greek for "attendance of the soul".
Healing the psyche basically, and offers a time and place for you build insight into your experiences and beliefs in a non-threatening way. It is a very private and confidential process.

Your therapist may offer interpretations or insight but Psychotherapy is not advice, and a therapist will not be telling you what to do, instead will help you come up with your own ideas and assist you in setting goals and reaching them.

In order to accumulate insight it is often necessary to look at possible root causes of any issues, and often involves information gathering about childhood or adolescence as well as any reactions or stresses to current life.

Certain emotions can be hard to admit and therapy aims to build trust in yourself to have the strength to face these emotions and move forward.
Counselling & Psychotherapy is offered by Richard.